Specialist Building Contractor in Cornwall

Ecobuild, Warleggan1

If you want a building which is -

  • energy-efficient
  • low environmental impact
  • inexpensive to maintain
  • no more costly than conventional construction

then come and talk to Tim Whitehead Stonemasons about your ideas.

Ecobuild, warleggan

Homes, shops, offices

New construction can incorporate the latest techniques - and technology - right from the design stage. And this applies to any sort of building, from houses to apartments, schools to office blocks.

Specialist Building Contractor in Cornwall

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We use materials and technologies which maximise the energy efficiency of each building, and minimise its harmful impact on the environment. Eco-friendly construction also reduces the long-term cost of your home, by lowering its maintenance and running costs.

These advantages can also be gained when renovating or converting existing buildings. Our expertise ensures that you get the best of both worlds: traditional design, coupled with a modern "green" lifestyle.

Tim Whitehead Stonemasons combines traditional pride and craftsmanship with modern design and technology, to produce buildings which -

  • use less water and electricity,
  • are more comfortable to live and work in,
  • make fewer demands on the environment for materials and construction.

We are always happy to discuss your plans, and to work in cooperation with architects and planning authorities, to achieve the desired outcome.

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Please follow link below for more details on timber Eco-build dwelling constructed on Bodmin Moor. Thank you to ARCO2, RIBA Chartered Sustainable Architects for allowing the use of their photographs.http://www.arco2.co.uk