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House renovation and extention, Cardinham

When you're looking to extend or remodel an older building, but not sure about what's possible or even permissible, or you need expert advice on improvements - we can give you expert advice.

If you live in an older property, or a listed building, finding extra living space or just altering the existing layout can pose problems in both planning and execution. Talk to Tim Whitehead Stonemasons - we know and understand historic buildings, and the possibilities for developing them.

We are the specialists in traditional materials and craftsmanship to provide modern living conditions in historic settings:

Conversion, Renovation and extension, Bodmin Moor
  • expert advice on design and materials
  • liaison with local authorities and planning requirements
  • sympathetic and imaginative architectural design
  • perfect integration with existing fabric and setting
  • fully professional construction and finishing

Our own design and planning service can develop your ideas from the initial thoughts right through to specific drawings and costings. If you have already commissioned your own architect, we will gladly quote for completion of your design.

Older buildings often have under-utilised areas which can, with a little imagination and flair, be transformed into attractive and useful living space:

Barn conversion, Bodmin Moor
  • barns and churches
  • lofts and roof spaces
  • industrial buildings and warehouses
  • old garages, sheds and outbuildings

- all these can be renovated, extended or converted into attractive, stylish designs for modern living, even in listed buildings.

Whether you're looking for a small extension or a major conversion, we will give your project the respect and attention to detail it deserves, from initial conception through to final result.

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